This simulation is an "extract" of a program called COCLICO developped by the CENA .

As there is no pilot behind your screen to listen to your clairance, I have deliberately represented only Data Link equipped aircraft. You can send your clairance just by clicking with the mouse. It takes an average of 10s to be received by the pilot and sent back to you. This is simulated in the simulation. Also when you "shoot" an aircraft, it is possible to cancel this action during 20s, also simulated.

More things are to be added like the "alert" system and the non-covered labels.

Annonced state
Assumable state. Click 2 times on "BAW000" to assume the aircraft
Assumed state. Click 1 time on "BAW000" to develop
Flight level 470... Unable... To consult the clairance you gave click on the little triangle.
"L" means Logical acknowledge.
Flash animations source files
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